Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here Comes The Flood

This is the Colorado River east of Palisade, as it runs along Highway 6 and 24 from Cameo and the mouth of Debeque Canyon.

This is Plateau Creek, which runs down from Vega Reservoir through Collbran and along Highways 330 and 65 to the Colorado at Cameo. This is along Highway 65, about a mile south of the Colorado River.

It doesn't look as if it will take very much more moisture or snowmelt to bring these waterways out of their banks. To their credit, Mesa County and the various municipal and public safety entities that serve these areas appear to be closely monitoring these conditions, and by my own knowledge and the local media accounts, are as prepared as they can be.

With the local forecast showing a pretty good chance for rain and/or snow over the next few days, vigilance and flexibility are two of the keywords that define how life is going to be for those who live, work, or travel through these areas.

I've seen my share of flash flooding and what it can do, especially to vehicles and the people in them. You can see a good example and reminder here.

Be safe out there.

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