Monday, May 26, 2008

Your Chico's Bail Bonds JUCO Blog Post

"Would you like a pop? We've got pop back there..Could you grab me a Diet Pepsi? WHAT?!...No Pop? I don't like to drink water, it makes my throat dry out more..I know it isn't supposed to be that way, but..."

- Jim Davis, "The Radio Voice of JUCO", lamenting the lack of beverage choices in the Press Box at Suplizio Field.

The amount of audio product placement accompanying the radio broadcasts of this year's Alpine Bank JUCO World Series is truly amazing and annoying. Jim Davis and his crew on KNZZ and KTMM are truly earning their Diet Pepsi with phrases like this:
"It's 3-0, Tuscaloosa Alabama ahead on the Coloramo Federal Credit Union scoreboard, and a new pitcher warming up for Iowa in The Cage at Gene Taylor's bullpen while the cleanup hitter is getting ready in the Whitewater Building Materials Who's on Deck. The Rockslide 7th Inning Stretch is coming up on the JUCO Radio Network".
Sheesh. Too Much.

When you get past this foolishness, JUCO is really a good time and quality family entertainment. Aside from some streakers a few years ago, there are not many problems at all. One thing that cracks me up is the complaints from several residents who live around the ballpark when they shoot off the Memorial Day fireworks after the last game is over on Monday night. It's one of the few things you can count on in my line of work, other than people who call when their power goes out.

One of the teams in the tournament this year has got me thinking of stuff and laughing to myself. Here's something they got me singing to myself today:

Are you ready, Grayson? All set to defend the title, Chipola?
Ready to take the field, Alvin?


JUCO, JUCO time is here,
Baseball fun, but still no beer.
Take a bus to Colorado,
thanks to Sam Suplizio.....

That's all I have so far. If anyone wants to help me finish it, feel free.

In the meantime, if you live in the Grand Valley and own a police scanner or other receiver, you can get quite an earful of JUCO action without commercials. This from a post last year:

The signal from the press box at Suplizio Field is beamed to the KTMM studios near Sherwood Park in Grand Junction via a constant VHF radio feed on what is in FCC terminology called a Relay Press frequency.

This transmission is constant from the microphones in the press box, and can be particularly entertaining during commercial breaks, witness the quote at the top of this post, monitored before the beginning of the 7:00 PM game today.

If you have a standard programmable scanner receiver, or a multi-band receiver that pulls in VHF around the NOAA weather band, plug in 161.700 or tune to just below 162 MHz while the games are going on. The signal can be heard pretty well across the central Grand Valley. You just might make a great catch yourself.

Maybe I'll catch a game later this week. It will be a nice diversion from a very challenging and frustrating time at work, my son being away on a trip, and the Penguins having a very frustrating time in Detroit. With luck and prayer, things will work out as they are designed to.
That's all that anyone can really ask for.

Have a good week ahead.

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