Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do The Math - Again

Here we are again at 1st and Grand. The last time I looked here was a little over three months ago, when gas prices were about 21 percent lower than they are now.

These prices have been pretty much the same over the last week or so, except that the price at the Loco store was $3.49 about a day before I snapped these pictures, which was Tuesday afternoon.

I still haven't heard an explanation from anyone with a little more knowledge on the subject than myself as to why two gas stations across the street from one another, presumably selling the same brand of gasoline, would have such a marked disparity in price.

If I had the time, I would research it more. This link helped a little, but doesn't really explain the situation above. The Eagle store isn't even giving away free coffee with a 10 gallon purchase like they did in January. I suppose there's no help here.

Gene Kinsey opined today on John McCain's proposal to suspend the 18 cent per gallon Federal tax to provide some relief. Gene adopted what I thought was a somewhat one-sided approach to the issue, and one of his commenters called him on it.

Gene went so far as to try to tie Obama's response to the proposal to an elitist label, and questioned all of the candidates' abilities to run a hamburger stand.

At this stage in the game they're
all elitist to some extent; what separates them is what you feel in your own heart about the message they're trying to send, with a fine filter to keep the noise and distractions out.

Another commenter suggested that more oil was the only way to "sustain" ourselves. What, pray tell, are we trying to "sustain"? I could go off on a tirade about our bloated, conspicuously consuming, gas-guzzling, entertainment-addicted society, but then I would look in the mirror. We're all guilty of some of that. Realizing that we are all culpable is the first step in realizing that we all play a part in the solution.

I live and work Downtown, but I drive to work, in part because I usually run errands or do shopping afterward but also out of an innate fear of a lack of quick mobility in case of an emergency. This hearkens back to when my wife was sick; I rode my bike to work once for a meeting, and she had a serious problem that necessitated a rapid pedal back home.

Tomorrow morning I will try to take the first step back to where I was. I used to walk or bike at least two days a week. I'm going to take Melanie's advice and try to reduce my own personal usage and demand.

I've got a ride-along with the Sheriff's Office in the morning, so I'm going to walk or bike down there. Time, circumstance, and personal resolve will hopefully allow me to "sustain" this practice through the spring and summer and into autumn.

It all comes down to hearts and minds, and the courage to change for the better. Isn't that one message that We the People are being fed by one of the three who are trying to become the proprietor of that big burger stand on Pennsylvania Avenue?

And for those of you who think that the actions of one person don't have an effect on the outcome, maybe you should move to Fruita.

Good Night.

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