Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin - Last Words for Now

The news biz and the blogosphere have been working overtime this weekend to get out as much about Sarah Palin as possible before Gustav dominates the news cycle.

The local bloggers seem to be doing the same thing. Gene Kinsey found some additional information that bolstered my post from yesterday about Gov. Palin's expertise on energy matters. She's no slouch on energy. She can't be in a state that depends on taxes on energy for the bulk of its' revenue.

Janet Rowland should be paying attention.

Marjorie Asturias pointed out the seeming willingness of McCain and the Republicans to patronize Hillary supporters through the Palin choice to try to get their votes.
Marjorie says it best:

But let's get real here. HRC also stands for a number of issues that Palin does not, namely, abortion rights, gun control and a responsible energy policy that doesn't involve rampaging through fragile ecosystems. To vote for Sarah Palin out of spite because one is bitter about the outcome of the Democratic race would not only be stupid, it would be an insult to all that HRC has worked for all her life. Not to mention that it would reinforce this idea that women are an emotional, illogical and resentful bunch who would rather sabotage their future than vote for their chosen candidate's opponent. An opponent, may I add, who that candidate eventually -- and enthusiastically -- supported.
Marjorie makes several exquisite points here, not the least of which is that the Republican party machine is counting on not only women, but as many Americans as possible, to have their minds made up for them by emotionalism and core biases, along with symbolism, AM talk radio propaganda, and 24-hour news blather.

There's definitely much more to Gov. Palin than the pretty face. How much more is what we all hope to find out, one way or another.

She's going to get hammered on troopergate, and a few other things that are already being dredged up. I would prefer to go straight to practical knowledge and experience, and make my decision from there.

I hope that the Obama campaign will remember that as well, especially Biden when he debates her. The Lloyd Bentsen smackdown of Dan Quayle in 1988 was memorable but ineffective, as THAT clod wound up as next in line for POTUS.

Lots to do today. The yard has been delayed by some very welcome rain this morning, but I have September's Words to finish up. Godspeed to Marjorie and her husband for safe passage to Singapore and back, and may God protect those in the path of Gustav.

Michael Moore said something regrettable about
Gustav and the RNC on Olbermann's show last week. I hope he wises up a bit.

Have a good rest of your extended weekend and week ahead.

P.S. - Happy Birthday to Flip, Sal, and Paula.

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