Monday, August 04, 2008

Lessons From The Road

Stamford, Connecticut - Four days in Pittsburgh visiting with my mother, some friends, and Leslie and her girls. Fun and relaxing for the most part. Humidity gave way to sunshine and a gentle breeze on Saturday. Evan and I went into Downtown to take some pictures, which came out pretty nice. I'll post a few here when I get a second.

Didn't look at a computer for most of those days. Pittsburgh has two Apple stores, and since I had never been in one before I did take a look at several of their offerings. The new IPhone is pretty cool.

I've learned, and had reinforced, several lessons during this trip. It's late, and Evan and I have a train ride into New York in the morning, so here is a brief synopsis of each one:
  • Criteria for a truly quality eating establishment -
Late-Night hours (24 hours preferred)
Good food to eat, like breakfast all day, chicken wings, and good appetizers
Lots of TV's
Heinz Ketchup - Anything else is crap.
Pepsi products

Examples of the above in action - See Quaker Steak and Lube.
  • It pays to research how much state taxes are levied on gasoline. Case in point: The gas in Missouri is about 20 cents cheaper a gallon than in Illinois.
  • "Modern industries are handling the forces of nature on a stupendous scale…Woe to the people who trust those powers to the hands of fools.”
-John Wesley Powell as quoted by David McCullough in The Johnstown Flood

I found this while walking through the Johnstown Flood National Memorial. Something to
remember while rushing furiously to develop new sources of energy. An interesting
observation from a pioneer of western 'exploration' and Lake Powell's namesake.
  • Before leaving Pittsburgh for the Northeast with the intent of using I-80, check the NASCAR schedule. Today marked the second time that our travels were brutally complicated by a race at Pocono Raceway, and the resulting outflow traffic. 20 MPH and bumper to bumper from Stroudsburg to New Jersey. Urge to throw something...
Time for bed. More in a couple of days.

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The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

Hey Linko! I accidentally found one of your blogs a few days ago. I've been enjoying reading about your life and perspectives. I'm praying for you and your son and that your trip is memorable & safe.
(another JL from dispatch)