Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magnificent Achievements

St. Louis - Looking up at this tonight, it felt as if I was looking at something created with CGI and inserted into a picture with Photoshop. The scale, the perfection of it, just transcend the average person's ability to comprehend this structure. Then you go up inside it, and the marvels continue.When even a teenager is impressed by something, you know you've found something that really matters.

We spent the weekend with my brother in Tulsa. It was sticky hot both days, so we did as little as possible. Dave's wife Bai Lan made an incredible dinner on Sunday night.

We left Tulsa on Monday morning and drove to Bartlesville, a very clean and quiet small city about an hour to the north. Bartlesville is an oil town, and the Price Oil Co. Tower, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1956, isn't the tallest building in town, but certainly one of the most impressive. The tower is been meticulously maintained and restored, and now contains a 31-room hotel, top-floor restaurant, arts center and office space.

door to the Price Tower is the Community Center, designed by Wright protege' William Wesley Peters. Evan and I were able to walk around inside a bit. It's a very complimentary facility to the tower next door.

We passed through Greensburg, Kansas on Saturday, and got a look at both the devastation of last year's tornado, and the efforts by many to rebuild. The involvement of many builders and designers with a green emphasis was also being showcased, and there were TV crews from TLC filming for an upcoming series. We watched a little of the current Planet Green special when we were in Tulsa. Hats off to the citizens of Greensburg that are working hard to rebuild their town and their lives, and paying attention to the environment to boot.

In keeping with the essential premise that one doesn't necessarily need to do something on a large to massive scale to achieve something impressive, witness the sculptures of M.T. Liggett of Mullinville, Kansas. Quite the in-car discussion generator.

We're off to Pittsburgh tomorrow. A few days there, then further east. More as time and events permit. Keep cool.

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momof1 said...

Hi John. I enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for the insight to so many things. Do you know of a bill Congress is trying to pass regarding "safety of children"? My Dad said he heard about it on a talk show. The goverment can randomly select your household via ss# from the taxes you file to investigate if you are raising your child in a "safe" enviroment. They may also question your child about your household w/out you present. I can't find any info on this. Anything would be great. Thanks!!