Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sign O' The Times 2

I'm wondering what kind of message the Janet Rowland campaign thinks they're sending by putting campaign signs
on vacant commercial buildings in high-traffic areas.
A few came to my mind:

"I'm Janet Rowland, and I approved this message".

"Vote for me, and I'll make every corner in the county look like this one".

"Here's a reminder of what might happen again, if you don't let me give big energy everything they want".

"I'm good looking, and I'm in a good place. Don't look too closely, or you may find that there's nothing inside".
Remember that this is the year of Hope in politics.
Let's hope that in this case, size does matter.

Looks like this guy has already found that out.


Marjorie said...

Or, "I didn't want to have to spend the money on putting signs up on occupied buildings, but you get the point, right? Vote for me!"


John Linko said...

Marjorie, point taken. You have a clear gift for pointing out the obvious. That one may have crossed my mind somewhere, but wasn't hardly as fun as the others :-)