Thursday, July 24, 2008

Downtown Beauty Break

This is one of the prettiest places in Downtown Grand Junction. The picture doesn't do it justice, but I didn't want to intrude any further. The varieties of plants and flowers that adorn the yard are intricately irrigated and meticulously maintained. The porch and rockers are inviting reminders of a friendlier time.

The display is a lot more striking when walking down the sidewalk through the variety of plant life on either side. It's a wonderful transition into something unexpected.

Try doing this in a cookie-cutter subdivision with a fascist HOA.

The same thing carries on to the house next door. The sunflower at the front door may need to be gently guided off to the side, and I would trim back some of the larger bushes by the house, but it's not my house, is it? It's theirs.

Yesterday I took the camera up to the top level of the City's new parking garage to see how Downtown looks from up there. For the most part, the garage shows how Downtown complements its' exterior surroundings, and vice versa.
Here's Grand Mesa with Downtown buildings in the foreground, the Qwest communication tower
at 8th and Main Streets being most prominent.

I wish that the lighting was better, but there was some rain showers approaching. Here's a view of the Justice Center with the Redlands and the Monument beyond.

Looking to the southwest past the St. Regis up toward Little Park Road, with the showers approaching.

These are examples of how Downtown Grand Junction is part and parcel of its' natural surroundings. This is why I believe that any expansion or re-development of the Downtown has to respect the connection to nature that helps to define our area.

Here's a shot of the new St. Mary's Hospital construction, with the Book Cliffs in the background.

The building dominates the city's skyline, especially when looking at it from the west or east.
It kind of reminds me of the machine from the movie Contact.

Evan and I will be on the road in the morning. More to see and say from afar.

Have a great weekend.

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