Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy 125th, Mesa County

Grand Junction Free Press Photo

Two of the three current Mesa County Commissioners, along with several former ones, graced the Commissioners' Hearing Room at 544 Rood yesterday, accompanied by the sounds of the Hallelujah Band, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Mesa County being carved out of Gunnison County.

No mention was made in either newspaper this morning regarding the whereabouts of Steve Acquafresca. I hope he's OK. Former commishes Maxine Albers, Tillie Bishop, Kathy Hall, and Jim Spehar were reported to be among the notables in attendance.

Of particular interest was the finery sported by incumbents Janet Rowland and Craig Meis.

Imaginary sources reported the following conversation being overheard just prior to the end of the event, at about the time the above photo was taken:
Janet Rowland: "Do you know the difference between you and I, Craig? I make this look good."

Craig Meis: "Aren't we lucky that the Clerk and Recorder found these in the archives, right next to our current energy policy? Who knows, maybe the first draft of the Energy Master Plan will be in the next level down in the sub-basement."

Janet Rowland: "Speaking of energy policy, Kathy Hall invited us out to the Regal Cinema. Seems that COGA is sponsoring an afternoon presentation of their position paper on energy master planning. Kathy thought it might help us with our upcoming process."

Craig Meis: "Great! Let's head out. Afterward we can go straight up to Redlands Mesa for another session of 'Craig and Cordilleran host Conspicuously-Consuming Constituents for Cocktails'". (author's apologies for ample alliteration)

Janet Rowland: "Let's party like it's 1899!"

Danny Agajanian (to the Hallelujah Band) : "OK, guys, last one back to Main Street Bagels pays for the Chai".
Enjoy the celebration.

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