Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Burgeoning Community

I've been spending a little bit of time roaming around the new Community Page on the Sentinel's website. It's a site within the site that is initially serving as a clearinghouse for opinion. I think it has a lot more potential than that. It's another example of the power of Internet Media being made available to the Grand Junction area that will add value to both the individuals and communities that make use of it, and to the Sentinel for hosting it.

I hope that the Community site will eventually morph into a sort of YourHub for the Western Slope. I can imagine eventually a forum or category for individual towns and areas (sort of like a "YourHub Orchard Mesa", for example), with places for stories, comments, blogs, pictures, and more within that town or neighborhood's page.

This has tremendous potential to more deeply specialize the Sentinel's coverage of a particular area, and this could eventually extend into print, much as the Post and Rocky do with YourHub editions inserted into home delivered
papers every Thursday.

I hope this site catches on, and heads in that direction. Congrats to Todd Powell and the rest of the web wizards at GJSentinel.com for getting this off of the drawing table and into practical use.

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GJSentinel.com said...

Hi John, and thanks for the kind words. I'm delighted you like the community site.

To be honest, I don't deserve a whole lot of the credit. The page was mostly designed by our content coordinator, Chris Froese, who is a true Web wizard. Our editorial page editor, Bob Silbernagel, suggested the project with a lot of help from Robin Dearing, the publisher's assistant and "Haute Mamas" blogger. As with most things we do, team effort to get something done is almost as crucial as people such as yourself getting involved and making it their own.

Again, I appreciate the mention, it's deeply appreciated.

Todd Powell