Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Important Day

As I write this, my girlfriend's daughter Michaela is in surgery at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She is having exploratory surgery to attempt to biopsy and possibly remove the tumor that was found in her chest late last month. This operation has the potential to develop into a full open chest procedure, depending on what they find.

I spoke with Leslie this morning, and she is doing pretty well under the circumstances. Leslie is a veterinarian, and her innate understanding of the processes of medicine and science has served her well as a parent and advocate. I wish I was there to help.

Thanks to those of you who have offered prayers and words of support thus far.


On another somewhat important note, the Grand Junction City Council and Mesa County Commissioners will be meeting this evening at a public hearing to discuss and possibly vote on expansion of the Persigo Sewer District boundary by 26 square miles to the Northwest and Southeast. This equates to expanding the urban growth boundary by 44 percent over its current size.

The meeting starts at 6:00 PM at Two Rivers Convention Center. It will hopefully be a well-attended meeting, as any decision made at the meeting will carry with it significant implications for growth and development in what is now largely agricultural or desert land.

I'm wondering out loud if the meeting will be carried on Channel 12, especially given the need for a larger venue and the potentially controversial subject matter. If not, I would certainly ask why not.

The potential decisions made tonight will have a much more significant impact on the quality of life in our valley than the decision made by City Council last week on one development application in the Redlands. Theoretically, if this addition is approved it could subject a huge portion of the Grand Valley to the same patchwork, seemingly haphazard annexation that currently exists in other areas currently in what is also known as the 201 District, under the requirements of the Persigo Agreement between the City and Mesa County.

If this is a matter of concern to you, then a ride down to Two Rivers might be in order this evening. I'll be thinking about it as I monitor my teenager's activities and await word from back east.

Have a good evening.

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