Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kadrich Kaption Kontest

Dean Humphrey - The Daily Sentinel

Grand Junction City Manager Laurie Kadrich is seen hard at work yesterday in an atypical work environment for her daily job routine.

What is she doing?


Digging a grave at Orchard Mesa Cemetery, fulfilling a pledge to do a "dirty job" if a certain amount of holiday charitable giving was accomplished by City employees.

Imaginary sources also report a simple granite marker was being prepared at nearby Snyder Memorials, bearing the inscription THE PUBLIC SAFETY INITIATIVE 2008-2008.


At the request of certain City Council members, providing a visual illustration of the shortfall in projected sales tax revenue for this fiscal year.


Assisting with the preliminary ground work for a secure facility from which to conduct City business, in the event that Bill Pitts is elected to Council in April.


Participating in the groundbreaking for a new, stand-alone Regional Communications and Emergency Operations Center. Located on an Orchard Mesa hillside, the new facility will feature state-of-the-art security with video monitoring and RFID badge access, secure interior parking, fortified construction and building ventilation systems, and emergency generator capabilities for up to three days of uninterrupted service if necessary.

The EOC will feature redundant broadband Internet connectivity, as well as the capability to communicate with emergency management officials via satellite, secure telephone, and amateur radio.

The 9-1-1 and regional dispatch operations floor will be fully windowed on three sides, with individually climate-controlled workstations and sufficient personnel and equipment space to accommodate 15 years of potential expansion.

And then I woke up....

Anyone have other ideas?

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The little old mom who lived in a shoe said...

Sounds like a nice dream! :) And no, I didn't see the article 'til you brought it to my attention. Very interesting...