Friday, November 28, 2008

Justice Ploddingly Served...

In a follow-up to a post from February, the local woman convicted of vehicular homicide in a 2005 crash had charges against her for violating her probation dismissed.

Christy Buescher pleaded guilty to killing a mother of two while driving with a fair amount of alcohol and drugs on board. She was sentenced to one year in jail (suspended) and ten years' probation. What appeared to be a contributing factor in her sentencing was her being afflicted with Huntington's Disease.

My earlier post had to do with Ms. Buescher, described this week by one Deputy DA as "too sick to handle at the jail", being hauled back into the local lockup from Boulder for an alleged probation violation. Seems that she assaulted a fellow resident, got kicked out of the private care facility she was living in, and failed to report her address change to the appropriate authorities.

Nine months later we have finally arrived where anyone with a shred of common sense probably thought we would a long time ago. Christy will be committed permanently to some type of mental health care facility. Given the debilitating and destructive nature of her disease, the physicians involved believe that her stay won't be very long.

District Attorney Pete Hautzinger: Was it really necessary to formally charge this woman with a probation violation to accomplish this logical end? Was the full fleshing out of the process, including the requisite media attention, taxpayer expense, and involvement of the victim's family, really required to get to this conclusion? If it was, then how all this transpired appears to me to be symptomatic of greater ills within the criminal justice system.

From my perspective, God had a handle on this a long time ago. As with anything else, true peace and 'closure' will come from an authority much higher than any prosecutor or judge.

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