Friday, September 03, 2010

Maddow: "Best Race Ever.."

Todd Transmeier over at Plumb and Square was lamenting this morning over what he called "one of the craziest political campaigns, I have ever seen in my life". I'm inclined to agree with him.

Rachel Maddow apparently agreed with him too. She spent some time on her show last night to give an overview of what's been going on so far, at least before last night's first debate, which by some accounts didn't have any of the pre-game excitement. Ms. Maddow very cheekily called the Colorado Governor's race the "Best.Race.Ever". I would have preferred if the word "Hickenlooper" would have made it out of her mouth once during the report, but it still chronicled the adventures on the GOP side of the equation pretty well. For those unfamiliar with our story thus far, or for readers from out of state, the whole thing is pretty interesting:

Ms. Maddow even gave the Western Slope a bit of a shout-out in the story as well. MSNBC's website has a pretty cool feature where you can highlight a transcript of the video clip and edit it.
So for all the locals with a short attention span or just no patience at all, below is a clip with just the local reference in it.

I'm wondering what Janet Rowland meant by the term "accidental nominee". Is it an accident for the voters in a particular party to decide who will represent that party in an election, through either the caucus process or a primary election? If the people at the top can't pull the strings somehow, and the 'wrong' person in their minds is nominated, does that make the nomination an 'accident'?

Enjoy the show, running now to November...

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