Thursday, September 23, 2010


 April 23, 1997 - September 23, 2010

Evan and I had Smokey at the Vet last week, after he started being short of breath and panting. We elected to try medications first, and they seemed to help for a few days. His usual pleasant disposition had changed, and last night it just seemed that breathing was a huge job for him. Another Vet appointment was set for next week, and I told Evan that I would call in the morning to try and get him in today.

God had other plans. I found Smokey in the front room around 8:00 this morning. Our other cat, Bandit, was up to his usual routine of in the house, out of the house, but saw the big guy this morning and is perhaps a bit more detached than usual. 

Smokey was not really graceful, but was altogether gracious, quiet, reserved, and loving. He was the imperial gray master of the house, and a friend to all who darkened its threshold - especially if you happened to be female. It was not uncommon to have Smokey on your lap if you were watching TV, or on your blanket or sleeping bag at night - especially the sleeping bag. 

That was the case last night as well. Evan thought it was better that Smokey left us in familiar surroundings, instead of the impersonal sterility of a Vet's office or emergency clinic. 

We're grateful for the great work done by Drs. Asmus and Kronkright at All Pets Center, as well as the staff of The Pet Spa including Leilani, who would groom Smokey there every few months. 

I'm hoping that Jan and Michaela have an old friend's head to scratch in Heaven today. 

Goodbye, Smokey - you'll be missed by everyone you touched on this earth.

You walk through my thoughts
With the same sure-footed command
You walked through the house.
Your pitter-patter of feet
Pounds like a drum in my head.
No bowl in your special corner;
You thrive on the meat of my mind.
No wrinkles on my bed
Where your purring body slept.
Just a heart, crumpled
By the weight of your absence.    

Gold-green eyes
That flashed warmth like a smile
Now brings hot tears
To my eyes in remembrance.
My lap is empty and cold -
It cannot hold memories
Full and warm,
Alive with your image
And the comfort you were.
You walk through my thoughts...
And the pain of your footprints will pass.

- Sandra M. Haight                              


Jenny said...

John, I'm so sorry. Smokey sounds like a great cat to have been owned by.

John Linko said...

Thanks, Jen. We miss him bad.

Daryl Branson said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my cat of 16 years last year and I still miss him.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Our animal friends mean so much to us. I am sorry for your loss. That picture of him and Evan is priceless.