Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pens Have the Cup

This was a gift from Jeff Driehorst, Operations Assistant at KAFM. He gave it to me a couple of weeks ago, before my trip to Pittsburgh and Boston.

It has been a good luck charm, and a harbinger of good will, as tonight the real Pens are hoisting the Stanley Cup in Detroit after an improbable, gutsy, skilled comeback from being down 2 games to none and after a thorough shellacking in Detroit in Game 5.

They regrouped, sucked it up, and displayed incredible discipline and skill through the last two games to claim what is arguably the most difficult championship in professional sports.

Jeff, thanks for the good thoughts and the payment forward. And to the Penguins, thanks for making us proud, and showing the courage, strength, and conviction to weather the storm and ascend to one of the finest moments in your history.

Time to exhale, time to celebrate.....

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tom said...

Way to go Pens. Anytime the redwings lose it's a great day!!