Friday, June 05, 2009

Distressed Passenger Lovin' the Pens

Denver - The pilot's announcement in Boston that our plane would be delayed 1 1/2 to 2 hours due to mechanical issues was an unwelcome harbinger that my trip would be extended by more than just the time it took to replace two brake assemblies on a Boeing 757.

As a result, I missed the last plane to Grand Junction. I'm too tired to rent a car and drive back, so I'm in another strange hotel bed until my flight leaves in the morning.

I used the meal voucher that United gave me to have dinner at the airport, and while there I was buoyed by the news that the Penguins have tied the Stanley Cup Finals at 2-2 with a decisive win over the Dead Wings tonight.

The Pens did not look all that great in the first two games in Detroit, but since then they've been hustling more, putting the body to an older Red Wings squad when necessary, and generally looking like the slick playmakers that they are. Here's a great example:

I was worried that the series would look like last year's, when the Wings showed their superiority and the Pens came back with too little heart too late in the series. This feels different now. The Red Wings look tired (they're one of the oldest teams in the NHL by average age), but their home ice seems to be a genuine advantage (octopus on the ice or not). Because of that, the next game on Saturday night is crucial for the Pens.

If they can get through and win Game 5, they'll be poised to win the Cup at home for the first time, and it would be great to see that happen in Mellon Arena.

Hopefully back in GJ tomorrow morning.

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