Friday, September 14, 2012

Sign O' the Times - The Pa. Edition

Over the years that I've been blogging, I've taken note on several occasions of signs and other forms of large written expression that are interesting, unique, outrageous, or challenged in terms of spelling or grammar. Most of these were from locations in Colorado. I coined these posts "Sign O' The Times" - you can review some of the previous posts and pictures by clicking here

Since returning to the Pittsburgh area, I've been collecting similar examples of signage silliness, but since I haven't been as frequent with my writing here as I was out west, the collected pictures have piled up a bit. 

There are some regular displays of humorous signs in the Sewickley area. The best-known come from the marquee-style sign in front of Marroni's Lounge on Route 65 in Leetsdale. The bar regularly documents these on their Facebook page - it's worth checking out. 

So without further adieu, here are several other examples of impromptu,deliberate, or unplanned noteables in the world of getting your visual message across. Enjoy..

This kind of spontaneous humor and creativity always catches my eye. Now if only the Caped Crusader could spell 'restaurant'. Then again, he doesn't need to..he's Batman. From Five Guys Burgers and Fries in North Fayette. 

The manner in which many elected officials in Pennsylvania emphasize their name over their elected office seems best illustrated here. What is more important - which arm of the government has inspected the gas pump, or the name of the person in charge of that particular department? 

No...really? It's for windows? I was worried that someone might try to use it for their MacBook Pro..

This is the "on special" price? Must be some really special lemons there. I could eat lunch somewhere else for the same money..and did. Then again, you have to consider where you are.
No, it's not a county fair somewhere - it's the China Palace in Sewickley.

So good they haven't changed it in a long time. In this day in age, I wonder how many kids look up from some type of device to actually see this, however. From the Dairy Queen on Babcock Boulevard in Ross Township - best enjoyed after a round of miniature golf at Kniess' across the street.  

A recent visit to Boston Market revealed this little gem on the table where the salt used to be. I can understand the need for some to restrict their intake of sodium, but do you really think that making people get up and walk for it is going to reduce how much salt people choose to use? Not to mention it's a bit nanny-ish.

The Leetsdale Giant Eagle had some unique ideas of what constitutes 
"Young Adult" literature.
 It pretty much runs the gamut, don't you think?  

It seems that every workplace that has a refrigerator needs a "fridge nazi" to enforce the proper cleaning and disposal of lunches long forgotten. Mine is no exception. 

This Brighton Heights eatery had a unique perspective on the traditions and significance of the Lenten season. 

A thrift store in Coraopolis seems to be a little conflicted about the status or existence of their public facilities.
 Pay no attention to the man in the reflection..

An oldie but a goodie - This pair of signs along southbound Route 65 in Sewickley may be symbolic of the disconnect between PennDOT and local officials. The state put up the sign indicating  that White Avenue is approaching on the right - it's likely that Sewickley put up the No Right Turn sign after making White Ave. a one way street in the opposite direction. This was probably done to prevent motorists from accessing Chadwick St. to circumvent traffic at the bridge.  
Turning toward current events, this is a two-for-one spell-check special. Can you spot them?

Judging from the sign at the Leetsdale VFW, this year's annual craft fair and festival in Henle Park will have a slightly different theme this year. I'm trying to imagine the events that the "treasurers" will be conducting - perhaps a bean (counter) bag toss, with bags from Citizens Bank and beans from Azul. Or maybe a Credit Default Swap Meet, sponsored by Libertas (formerly Hussey) Copper and their new owner, Lynn Tilton. Better yet, how about a "Take the Money and Run 5K", brought to you by Goldman Sachs?

The latest edition of the signs posted in front of homes adjacent to Quaker Valley High School, part of the ongoing campaign of the fledgling Concerned Taxpayers of Quaker Valley. What pearls of wisdom can we expect next from this group? Stay tuned...
Have a great weekend. 

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