Saturday, June 04, 2011

'Uncle Ed', 1940 - 2011

When Ed Monahan married my cousin Sandee Rubino, I was just 8 years old.

Leslie and I were present with Sandee and the remainder of his family when 'Uncle Ed' departed this earth last Sunday after a sudden and unexpected illness. He was laid to rest yesterday.

There are no real bundles of words to put together to describe Ed Monahan. He himself was a man who used words in an economical fashion. When he needed to say something, those words were used in a manner that would stick with you.

Ed's reticence in many circumstances did not reflect the nature of his passions, especially for his wife and children, and even more in recent years for his grandson. Ed and Sandee lived in Center Township for many years, and had recently moved to Wexford to live with their daughter Carleen and her family.

Some of Ed's passions remained in Beaver County, where he grew up, made his living as a steelworker at the Aliquippa Works of J&L Steel until the day it closed for good, and where he connected with many friends as a long-time member of the Elks Lodge and the Aliquippa Bucktails.

Ed was also a passionate outdoorsman. Some of the more memorable conversations we had were talking about Nebraska, where he went hunting and where I would talk about what it was like to drive across (a fair spell better then either Kansas or South Dakota). Ed was also pleased when I would send him invitations to the Friends and Family weekend when I worked at Cabela's - it gave him a reason to head down to Wheeling and look for some bargains.

Through quiet strength and perseverance, Ed Monahan provided for his family through prosperity and adversity, and served them well. In trying to assess the worth of a man after he is gone, is there really any more that needs to be said?

I can only hope that just a little of Ed Monahan rubbed off on me.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Jenny said...

That was a very nice tribute. I'm sorry for your loss.