Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Evan

My son Evan turned 19 today. He has become a driven, vibrant, articulate, and loving young adult who has equal measures of those things that young adults also have to work through to become responsible, productive members of the community.

Regardless of some of those shortcomings that we all possess, I believe that Evan has the tools to work his way through, and build himself a life full of honor, prosperity, and love. It's been a joy to watch this journey, and to guide and support where necessary.

Evan wants a day trip on his birthday, so along with Grandma we are headed down toward Ouray. A nice dinner to celebrate, and then back to the joyous grind of living tomorrow.

Here's to many more years of learning and joy, Evan. Enjoy your day, be safe, and may God watch over you as you seek your path to happiness.

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