Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brought to You by the Letter 'S'

Happy May. I started this month not feeling all that great. Things are better on that front, and while progressing through yesterday and today I wound up finding out several things worth mentioning, all beginning with the letter S.


Friday was my son's last full day in a high school classroom. I had to bring him a form that he had forgotten at home, and it reminded me of his first day of Kindergarten, when he didn't have a snack. Another boy shared his snack with Evan; they remain friends to this day. I asked Evan what today had in common with his first day of school, and he immediately knew.

He picked up his yearbook from school today, and at first glace it looks immensely interesting. I have a picture of him with his backpack, ready to go to school for the first time. Contrast that with today, and it's amazing what the years do, and how fast they go by.

Samantha Stiles

I read Samantha Stiles' column in Friday's Sentinel over a sandwich at the First and Grand Subway. I thought her ruminations about traveling to Denver on the Amtrak were entertaining. Trains could be a big deal again in this country. There's lots of potential there; I need to go back east again soon, and would love to do part of it on the train if I have time.

Unfortunately, Sam is another talented young journalist who is taking leave of Grand Junction in search of greener or more familiar pastures. She is headed back to Austin, Texas. While this leads to the question of why she left Austin in the first place (it's a great city), this continues a disturbing trend of young journalistic talent leaving our area, including Mike Saccone, Marjorie Asturias, and now Sam.

While we as local media consumers are used to this in the broadcast arena, and may not be completely unexpected given the current nature of the newspaper business, it is nonetheless a cause for concern. I'm sure that our local editors are cognizant of this, and will hopefully continue to try to recruit energetic, talented journalists even through hard times.

Best wishes to you, Sam, for continued success and/or happiness wherever life takes you.


While I was at Subway yesterday I noticed work being done in the storefront next door, previously occupied by a pizza place and a barbecue joint. The new signage indicates that Grand Junction is about to get its first Smashburger franchise.

If that is still the case (their website doesn't list a GJ location slated to open soon), then this will be something to look forward to. Smashburger is a Denver-based chain of restaurants that showcases high-quality beef "smashed" on the grill to seal in the juices. Their menu embellishes this with fresh toppings, several kinds of cheese, and even a fried egg if you wish.

Evan and I dined at one of these places in Denver this past March. An extraordinary meal, quickly prepared, with the option to have a beer if you want. It's a little pricey, but I have the feeling that this location will draw enough business to make it worth the while of the franchisee.
Let's hope they get it finished and open soon. Yum...

Sheryl Williams

I was saddened to read about the death of Sheryl Williams in a motorcycle accident near Delta on Wednesday evening. Sheryl was a skilled, dedicated nurse who worked for Rocky Mountain Health Plans Home Health when my wife was ill.

Along with many other dedicated caregivers, Sheryl's diligence and skill helped Jan to deal with both the discomforts of her illness and the more difficult side effects of her treatment. Sheryl helped to improve her quality of life, despite the seriousness of her illness.

I'm sure that many patients and other families have benefited from Sheryl's compassion and expertise, most recently at the St. Mary's Regional Cancer Center. My condolences go out to Sheryl's family and co-workers.

I'm off to the graveyard shift for the bulk of the upcoming week. Evan is working afternoons and evenings at City Market, so up until graduation week we will be passing ships in the night.

Hopefully there will be plenty of chances to tell him how proud I am of him, to follow his dreams and don't be afraid, and to cherish every moment of every day.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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