Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Memory Quilt

Last week Evan and I received a wonderful gift from friends of ours who have been very helpful and supportive of us in dealing with illness and loss.

The quilted wall hanging shown above was given to us by Phil and Dodie Roger
s of Grand Junction. Dodie was a friend of Jan's. Jan had seen a similar quilt hanging in Dodie's house while visiting a few years back.

According to Dodie, Jan expressed an interest in having one of these made for myself and Evan. After Jan passed away, the project began. I chose the photographs used in the quilt. I tried to make sure that all of Jan's life was somehow represented, including her childhood, parents and siblings, her mutual affinity with many cats, her own family and friends, and her love for her son as he grew up.

Dodie's daughter-in-law Lauren Rogers operates a quilting shop in Billings, Montana, and completed the quilt over the summer. Phil and Dodie brought it back to Grand Junction, and had the quilt blessed at their church before presenting it to us. This photo is of the Rev. Nature Johnston of the Episcopal Church of the Nativity blessing the quilt at a recent service. Dodie Rogers is in the foreground.

I really can't express my appreciation enough
for this. Two weeks ago today would have been our 20th wedding anniversary. While our lives continue to move forward, Evan and I will cherish this beautiful reminder of someone who touched our lives and the lives of many others.

Thanks again to Dodie and Phil for your love and support.

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