Saturday, January 26, 2008

Starting Off Again

After my last post, I received emails from the editors of both Grand Junction newspapers. Josh Nichols thanked me for what he called an "eloquent" defense of his publication in my comments on Denny Herzog's recent post about media coverage of the KREX fire.

Denny asked me to give him a call, and when I did he had some explanations as to what were behind some of his comments. He then asked if I would be interested in having this blog included as part of the Sentinel's list of community blogs on

Denny said that he enjoyed reading what I wrote, even if he didn't agree with most of what I had to say. Even though I was very gratified by his offer, I couldn't help thinking that I was listening to Lou Grant channeling Voltaire.

Today the link was posted on the Sentinel's website, so in advance of this I decided it was about time to move the blog to a more robust hosting service. As a result the web address has changed, but so has the layout. Nicer colors and bigger fonts, also more storage space for pictures and other multimedia.

In recognition of this, I felt it appropriate to reprise my first post, with some a
dded information and a chance illustration or two. That way many of you who may be visiting this site for the first time will have some idea of who I am, where I've been, and what to expect.

Starting Off

I think I was called to start this blog because I seemed to be gathering experience in being able to express myself in writing, and have been feeling an innate need to share, if for no other reason than to help myself and others. Here's the brief scoop:

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado.
I am a native of the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Go Pens.

I am recently widowed. My late wife Jan fought lung cancer for 19 months before passing away last April. It was tough before she left us, and it's been tough since. More about her here.

We have a teenage son, Evan. He's had a rough time of it as well, but he seems to be doing better. He attends Western Colorado Community College and Grand Junction High School. He aspires to be a filmmaker, and he's big on cats. More about him here.

I have a girlfriend, Leslie, a single mother of two daughters who lives in the Pittsburgh suburbs. We've known each other a long time. Despite the distance and
other issues brought on as much by my
self as anyone else,
we have managed to see each other quite a bit and
are trying to keep it together. More about her soon.

My mother, Barbara, has been staying with us since Jan's death. It's hard to work shifts and keep tabs on a teenager, and she's been a big help with the house and some small projects we've been doing. Here she is with Evan.

We have two cats, Smokey and Bandit. The names were coincidental; I'm not a fan of Burt Reynolds' extended adolescence in the 1970's. They kind of mimic the current household members in appearance and attitude.

I work in Public Safety Communications. Not to sound trite, but my work number is 9-1-1.
I am also active in several professional organizations and publications.
I attend Canyon View Vineyard Church in Grand Junction. Being there has helped.

I volunteer at KAFM Radio, an excellent community radio station. I co-produce the
Words program there. It is tedious at times, but also a lot of fun. KAFM is a shining example of how community media can work at any level.

My hobbies include:
Frank Lloyd Wright.
Mass Media.

Public Safety radio monitoring and Amateur radio.
Politics as it relates to the First Amendment, Civil Liberties, and Freedom in Cyberspace.
I am a big fan of Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion.
Movies, TV, obscure pop culture references, literature, and other things. Leslie calls me "Mr. Trivial Pursuit". I auditioned for Jeopardy in Denver late last spring. Haven't heard anything yet.

And onward we go. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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