Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sign O' the Times

This billboard faces east along North Avenue in Grand Junction, just west of the intersection with 5th Street, atop a two-story commercial building. It's often been utilized as a "message" billboard by groups with a political or social agenda. This message has been up since the Christmas holidays. When the lease runs out on this one, there may likely be a response message, or maybe something different. I'll keep an eye on it. It's actually hard for me to ignore, as it's about a block and a half from my house.

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, these types of displays here are not as quirky, poignant, or ubiquitous as "WHY CAN'T LANSBERRY GET MAIL?", but they are fun to see nonetheless.

On a more somber note, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims
of the disastrous tour bus crash in southeast Utah on Sunday night, along with their families. The Sentinel did an excellent job at covering the story from many different angles, most notably for me the most complex effort of mustering numerous ambulances to a very remote and unforgiving area, especially in the absence of any air medical transport due to bad weather.

Several media outlets noted the absence of cell phone coverage in the immediate area of the crash. You'd be surprised what areas don't have coverage, especially here. They say it's coming soon, though. Hopefully with more than just one carrier. This is long overdue in anyone's book.

Rick Wagner's blog is certainly entertaining, among other adjectives that others have volunteered in conjunction with his Sentinel column. I have found irony; Rick's blogging moniker that is attached to his posts is YOUR PLACE TO BE HEARD, but he offers no opportunity for comments from readers, nor any link to an email address. Whose place to be heard?

The compulsive proofreader in me also needs to point this out; Wall Street Journal Op-Ed.
Also, perhaps mercifully, his links to Al Jazeera and Ann Coulter, among others, are typos and don't work.

Keep up the good work, Rick. Lord knows that one side of an argument gets boring after a while.

Godspeed to Rick and to the rest of us. Stay safe in your travels.

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