Monday, December 04, 2006

Good Works

I had a very busy week last week. Worked all three shifts, between two nights, one evening, and then two days at a staff retreat that was (luckily) exciting and enlightening, and in between a day trip to monetarism to render some technical assistance to the Comm Center there. After all was said and done I got Saturday and most of Sunday off before going back in for night shift Sunday night.

During the weekend I saw several of what I consider effective examples of individuals and one business reaching out to the community, both locally and globally, in ways that you might not consider traditional. I'd like to share them with you, in hopes that you get a chance to show support next time you encounter them in your travels.

First, a big thanks to the man bundled up Sunday morning at 12th and North holding the sign proclaiming in very big letters the words POSITIVE THOUGHTS. He got a honk and a thumbs up from me as I drove past on the way back to the house with my Sunday morning survival kit, which consists of the Sunday Post, Sentinel, and a burrito from Los Jilbertos. Thanks again to whoever you are for braving the cold, and reminding us of something we too often forget.

Second, Monday's
Free Press had an article on Cathy Donahoe, a local physical therapist and good friend of ours who is raising money to go on a three-year missionary assignment to the Dominican Republic. Cathy has been of great assistance to my wife since she's been ill, and truly has the mindset and dedication to take her knowledge and gifts for healing to others who would otherwise not have the benefits of this available to them.

Third, the new
Regal Cinemas Canyon View Stadium 14 theatres have proven to be a quantum leap in local cinema entertainment. The facility has augmented the capability for the local area to have more exposure to first-run films that are of a more independent nature, or may appeal to a different segment of audiences. While they will not approach the eclectic, more unique fare offered by the excellent Cinema At The Avalon, the facility is comfortable, the sound and picture are first-rate, and this past week they took a great step forward in accommodating people with hearing disabilities by offering at least one feature film with Open Captioning. This week it's Happy Feet. Next week it will be Casino Royale. There's a website that lists these films and where they're playing nationwide.

Thanks to Regal. Both your facility and the availability of open-captioned films are long overdue in this area. Perhaps your initiative will help to convince other media providers in this area that it's time to start accommodating not only those who are profoundly deaf or hard of hearing, but also those increasing numbers of late-deafened people in middle age or who are elderly that are choosing to live in our area.

some, this will mean upgrading the current mode of captioning to allow for more consistent and comprehensive service delivery, including ad-libbed and live remote broadcasts. For others it will mean making the necessary arrangements to meet obligations under federal law.

In any event, the true spirit of the Christmas season seems to be showing itself in small ways around town, and that's a good thing any time of year. Thanks to
Mary Harmeling for validating a lot of my previous thoughts about the season in her Sentinel column this past Saturday. It's the best reason to read the paper on Saturdays, especially when compared to You Said It.

Have a great week.

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