Friday, December 22, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006

Today I should have been driving back from Denver with my brother-in-law Mike. After both of our flights into Denver got canceled Wednesday, the wheels of contingency began turning in several heads. Mike and the family he was traveling with made it as far as Chicago. Luckily the matriarch of this family lives there, and the family with Mike in tow have established temporary quarters in a condo on the southwest side of town. In our conversations several potential courses of action were floated around; fly standby (or wait for an empty seat on the day after Christmas), drive to Denver from Chicago, or fly to Salt Lake and come into GJ and Denver that way.

They have decided to rent a car and drive to Denver. They'll be leaving Friday morning, hoping to arrive sometime Saturday. Aside from some rain forecast for tomorrow, the weather is forecast to clear out as they head west. I'll leave GJ Saturday morning and drive over. Depending on how late they get it in, we'll probably stay the night before heading back. Barring any additional surprises, Mike will get to spend Christmas with us, which will be nice.

The family Mike is with has been most accommodating and easy to work with. I'd venture Mike hasn't been on a plane or left New England in 20 years. So far, he's enjoying himself. I guess it's all rooted in the attitude you take toward this type of adversity.

I was working Monday morning when our share of the snow arrived. One of the things that amazes me is how such little comparative snowfall can paralyze an area not expecting it, or not mentally prepared for it. The number of accidents, slide-offs from major highways, and general emoting about the situation was significant, but not surprising for an area like this one. Makes me wonder how we would deal with a blizzard such that Denver got, and how we all would react and respond to it.

Looking forward to a little bit of calm for Christmas. Hopefully all will arrive safe and sound. I hope that if you're expecting family from out of town this weekend that their trips will be safe and uneventful. God bless.

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