Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lagging Behind - For a Reason

It's been a busy week.

I was in Pittsburgh from Wednesday of last week until this past Tuesday. I spent most of my visit with Leslie and the girls, mainly accompanying Leslie and Michaela to Children's Hospital for tests and physician visits. I also got see my mother, and take her to lunch to Mother's Day. Leslie and I were able to have dinner together that evening.

Tuesday morning I flew back to Denver through Atlanta on airTran, which offered a very decent fare and also introduced something heretofore unknown to me; wi-fi Internet access in flight. The service was free (and will remain so until May 24), and seemed to work quite well.

I don't think that I would pay for it, though. I'm becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of staying away from the computer, and of the pitfalls of staying wired to the world all the time. This is one reason why I enjoy my time with Leslie; she doesn't have cable, and 'encourages' me to stay away from the computer or the Internet on my phone when we're together. We have movie nights after the kids go to bed. We sit on a porch swing and watch the world go by.

I don't have an explanation for it, but my blood flows differently when I'm with her. She's up to her eyeballs in challenges, none of which seems will get easier anytime soon. Nevertheless, she always makes time to listen, something that I could use some work on. I still feel like I'm jet-lagged, trying to sync the rest of me into this time zone, these patterns, this life. I find that there are distinct advantages and pitfalls to life there and here; trying to focus on the positives of both is an interesting and difficult process.

This isn't to say that positive experiences with the ones you love always include good news. I'm trying to get my head around the latest news that has come from Pittsburgh since I left. I'll have more to say later.

After getting back to GJ late Tuesday, I returned next morning to working at the new Cabela's at Mesa Mall. Grand Opening is next week. I've been training and working there since mid-April, and it's been an interesting and vibrant look into the world of a major retailer. This isn't the first store that I've opened here; back in 2003 I worked part-time at the Borders in Grand Junction when they set up and opened that store.

I worked at Borders because I like the stuff they sell. This isn't the same at Cabela's. I'm decidedly not an outdoors kind of person. There are things there that I have a lot of experience with, primarily related to radio-based technology. However, I have really learned a lot this week about things like knife sharpeners, metal detectors, fish finders, cast iron cookware, and sandals. I'm learning stuff every day; isn't that one of the fundamental things about living a good life?

I'm actually looking forward to the crowds that will be coming through next weekend, but I'm a bit concerned about the traffic and parking situation that is likely to arise. This will be complicated by less than normal available parking spaces due to the mall's annual carnival visit. I may actually take the GVT, or even try to ride my bike if the weather's good.

My thoughts and prayers are elsewhere, which among other reasons is why it's taken so long to sit down and write something. There will be more to write about this part of the journey soon. Right now I'm trying to catch up, while remaining rooted in what really matters.

Enjoy your weekend.

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