Thursday, March 05, 2009

Finance in Perspective

I'm going to have to start taping Jon Stewart. In the course of one evening, he placed our financial system in sharp perspective, and laid waste to those who report on the system, and whose credibility is like the house of cards that our markets have become.

Yeah, my retirement took a big hit thanks to some of these jokers. I can't go on living every day in worry about those things. I've been there, and I feel that leaving things up to God, and receiving direction from him, is a far better arbiter of my life thus far than any balance sheet or talking head on the tube.

I pray for the awareness and resolve to use my God-given skills and abilities to focus on what is truly important, just as I pray for resolve, stability, and courage among those in government and the private sector who we trust to run things honestly and fairly.



Daryl said...

I just watched the one about CNBC. It's excellent! Stewart and his writers have a real talent for seeing through the B.S.

Gene Kinsey said...

Financial perspective from a comedy show? You can do better, John.

Even Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, is putting this catastrophe on the Obama administration.

Paul Krugman says Obama’s killing the Dow by dithering.

John Linko said...

Maybe you missed my point, Gene. I wasn't looking for financial perspective. I was illustrating how to keep these issues in perspective, in comparison to everything else.

My point was that Stewart called out and successfully skewered the so-called 'experts' that use the Dow Industrials as a singular arbiter of economic health and Presidential performance.

He also brought into question the 'expert' opinion and editorial approach of a 'leading' business news network.

The point I was trying to make is that if one is prostrate at the altar of the markets, he is worshiping false gods.

First Commandment stuff, literally.