Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Transition - 2

Hyannis, MA - The peak travel season has an interesting impact on Logan Airport in Boston, as well as on the rental car industry. Some of these frustrations, combined with Boston rush hour traffic, has left me a little tired with a bit of a headache, and an urge for fresh fish and a bottle of Advil.

Yesterday was a good day. The weather in Pittsburgh was comfortable, with a slight breeze and lower humidity than over the weekend. Saturday night I took Leslie and her family to one of the local drive-in theaters to see Horton Hears a Who (hilarious) and Prince Caspian (fairly true to the book, moving and entertaining). I was sorry to hear that the Pens had lost, but felt that quality time with a quality woman trumped sitting at home watching TV.

As it happens, last night we went to a local watering hole and watched Game 5 until the third period, then went back to Leslie's and finished watching it there. If you follow hockey you know what happened - we ended up watching over a whole regulation game's worth of play, until the tremendous result at about 1:30 this morning:

This was classic hockey in the best sense. The Pens were out-shot almost 2 to 1. Much of the 3rd period and the 1st Overtime was played in the Pittsburgh end of the rink, with the Pens' defense continuously working hard and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury making some unconscious saves.

The redemption of this victory on the road, combined with the associated momentum that the Pens have secured and their significant potential advantage in stamina associated with the youth of their players, gives great hope for the Pens' chances in the two games remaining.

Best of luck to them - regardless of what happens, nobody can say that your best effort was not put forth. I wish I could say the same sometimes.

Tomorrow I get to see my brother-in-law Michael for the first time since his fall and subsequent head injury in April. I'll also meet with his case managers and the family that he is living with in what is called a "shared living" arrangement. I'll have more to talk about as I learn more, but from first blush it looks as if he is well cared for in a way that could not be duplicated in Grand Junction.

Off to Baxter's for fish and chips. Have a great rest of your week.

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