Saturday, December 01, 2007

Twentysomething Travelogue

Keystone - I'm here because I ferried my son and two of his friends for the 36 Hours of Keystone, which at first blush appears to be a convergence of as many twentysomethings (and younger) as possible on the ski resort for 36 hours of nonstop skiing, snowboarding, and associated revelry.

The weather was cooperative for most of the event, except that in its' aftermath I am battling a low-grade fever and hopefully not the beginnings of the flu, a shot for which I have procrastinated about.

The boys are just settling in for what will probably be about 3 hours of sleep before using their seemingly boundless energy (augmented by energy drinks, the new motivator of this generation) to hit the slopes for a couple of hours again before we head back. I hope that my good friend Ibuprofen will help me keep the chills, etc. at bay until we get back to GJ.

I've found the last several hours very interesting, observing the youngest generation in action. The emphasis placed by Keystone on safety and responsible behavior on the slopes has had a significant effect; the lines to reach the lift and gondola to the lighted trails have been made worse by a security checkpoint, apparently looking for alcohol (I surmised this by the number of discarded containers along the path of the checkpoint queue).

I looked at the sheer number of private security and uniformed public safety personnel on site, and tried to draw a comparison between this event and the average twentysomething's way of blowing off steam in Grand Junction, that being Rum Bay, which like its' predecessor Bourbon Street had generated its' share of ill will with neighbors and law enforcement alike.
I was indeed glad that a real estate office replaced the nuisance bar in my neighborhood.

I believe that the proof of the new owners' tenacity will lie in how effectively they identify problem patrons, and head off a disturbance before it happens, if at all possible. We'll see what happens.

For the most part, the throng at Keystone has been well-behaved. Gotta ski, of course. There were some humorous (I think) bumper stickers placed at several locations that were uncomplimentary of skiers from Texas. Decorum prevents any further description. If the preferences of this group are any indicator, snowboarding is much more popular than more traditional methods of getting across the snow. I wouldn't have an idea of what is easier or more fun, as I haven't donned a pair of skis in 30 years. I would like to try snowboarding sometime. Leslie wants to as well. Maybe we can hold each other up and try to prevent any fortysomething fractures or dislocations. I'd like to snowshoe someday. Something else for the long list.

This group is certainly not a statistical representation of the real world; skiing ain't cheap, and minorities are conspicuously under-represented. I'll just say I'm watching cautiously, and doing the best I can to make sure that my addition to this generation holds up his weight.


On an unrelated note, congratulations to Rick Wagner on his new column and the listing of his blog on the Sentinel's website. Rick is thoughtful, considerate in the majority of circumstances, and an intelligent voice in the Grand Valley community. We agree on some issues, disagree more often than not, but I respect him nonetheless.

Rick seems to have jumped into his new ventures with both feet.
His blog entry of December 1 had an interesting photo associated with it, and juxtaposes rather starkly with a well-written story in Saturday's Rocky. Regardless of what Gov. Ritter's motives are with the discussion of union representation among state employees (which I haven't followed well enough to have an informed opinion either way), he's no Castro.

Rick's inaugural Sentinel column also drew the attention of Colorado Media Matters. All I can say is that there are times when we all have a Woodstein moment, but with faith and perseverance the truth will make itself known to us. Of that much I'm hopeful for.

Speaking of interesting pictures, The New Yorker had another cover this week that deftly captures the unfortunate circumstances with which we find ourselves saddled.

All I want to know is if Blackwater has this contract too.

Best wishes for His blessings upon your holidays and the year to come.

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