Saturday, September 22, 2007

Enough Already

The fact that I have left this outlet alone for nearly two months has less to do with not needing to vent than it does coming up with occasional cohesive thought, while maintaining a sense of humility and grace about things. I have remained silent through the first anniversary of the blog, but that date doesn't seem as important to me as the rest of the dates ahead. So much for introspection; I'm pretty damn busy too. Trying to buy a house, raise a teenager, and keep up with work and miscellaneous projects; It's gonna keep getting busy around here.

Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi at the Vineyard tonight talked about Jesus being in the wilderness for forty days, and being tempted by Satan. This is the way I've felt at times since Jan died, wandering in the wilderness of indecision, doubt, fear, and insecurity. I'm feeling better now, largely thanks to those who love me unconditionally and whom I have not treated very well at times. Now, if we can just get these people together...

I hope that Denny Herzog is doing OK; his blog has been silent longer than mine.

The qualities of grace and humility seem to be more important to me now, and are a precious commodity in the blogging community. As much as I enjoy reading Gene and Ralph and others, the shrill tone that accompanies the writing at times smacks of posturing and being overly judgmental. I do not strive to do this.

I do strive to effect change through careful analysis, quiet determined discussion of the issues, perseverance, and the application of common sense. There are a few things that have passed by that I thought were worth writing about, but are dated enough that I'll just spare a few words about them.

Drunks: See Matthew 25:40. It's not just about enforcement, and the potshot taken at Chief Gardner in the You Said It was unfair and shortsighted. It's about changing hearts and minds, as well as maybe the culture. This starts with greater community involvement in liquor licensing (several home rule cities on the front range have liquor advisory boards), and increasing the availability of effective treatment to the CPI (Chronic Public Inebriate) population. I wonder who actually thought that moving the main homeless shelter and alcohol treatment facility to North Avenue would move the problem there?

Mesa State: When I moved here my first apartment was in the shadow of the college, and I am now to the point where if I can avoid the area during the day it's a good thing. The city planner who wrote a letter to the neighborhoods east of the college and called it a "threat" to those neighborhoods had their heart in the right place. Regardless of what the "official" city line is toward the college's continued growth, there's a quality of life issue looming heavy over there that will not be resolved without careful consideration given to that growth, and when enough is enough. For me, that line has already been crossed.

Annexation / Persigo Agreement: When Ralph D'Andrea and Rick Wagner are on the same page about an issue like this, you know that suitable redress is long overdue. Gene Kinsey did an admirable job trying to defend the actions of the elected officials at the time, and his unique perspective is valuable. Unfortunately, what many of us have had to deal with as a result of the effects of this agreement equates to me to a finding of the end not justifying the means. It also makes me seriously consider whether a court-imposed solution would have been preferable to what exists now.

I would like to conclude with a rather poignant reminder of what really matters, and from Pittsburgh, no less. I don't write as much because I'm too busy with things that matter. My son and family, a good woman who loves me, and those intangibles that make life worth living. If I have anything constructive to share, it'll be here. Otherwise the sharks can have at the scraps.

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